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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog ‘Eco-doots’

We are just 2 ordinary students trying to capture different environmental problems across the world and create an awareness through our words (& some from others too!). So we are the ‘messengers of environment’!

Why should you follow us?What will you get to learn that is not already available on the internet?

The motive behind Eco-doots is to build a healthy platform for awareness amongst people today,so that there is a better generation left for tomorrow.Lots of information is available on internet (we will also access those!) but new thing which can be come up is the perceptions of an engineer and water science student (Yes both are very diverse and often contradicting each other but, we found a way to put up our heads together into something!)

We will post articles which address the issues and problems related to the environment (and probably try to look for answers too!)

Let’s become ‘Doots’ of today, so that we can lead to ‘Boons’ of tomorrow!

A message from Environment.

Hello everyone!!

This is the first article post in our blog and today we want you to meet someone! It has been present since a really long time (so don’t try to guess it’s age!), he was happy before but now seems sad.The story of that ‘someone’ is ahead.Do give it a read and see if you can understand what is in the story.

Hello readers!!

I am Environment.

You may have heard about me in school or in your college or maybe internet (which has become a good friend of mine!) I don’t know exactly when I was born but I do know that it’s been long since I have been on Earth and it has been really good! I have so many things to keep me happy-I have so many different kinds of trees, plants, birds, animals, rivers, lakes, ponds….the list is really long!! I have had the good fortune to see everything flourish and nourish with the help of each other, directly or indirectly. I also met your species-the human beings. They are still trying to understand me and they have made a good interaction with all the other parts of me. This is what I believed, until…

I came in terms with reality (internet helped me). I saw that with time, my different parts were facing troubles, they were diminishing or getting destroyed. Then I observed that where there used to be lush green lands, now there are lands filled with all kinds of waste that you generate!! Whether it is plastic waste, food waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste and many more kinds! Air was so pure that it didn’t matter where one was-in a rural area or an urban area; now air is in such a state that in a few years, special oxygen masks will be required to breathe (& it won’t be coming from trees, of course) and water? Water is the most important component of me! If it was not present, I would not be present to sustain all the life possible on Earth. Now, it is facing all kinds of problems! It is getting deteriorated, exploited, and scarce and so many others….what do I do now?

I am suffering from the disease called ‘Pollution’, please treat me before its too late!

Why all these parts of me have is are facing so much now? Why is no one doing anything prominent to save them? What are you doing to save them? If you feel that you can do something to save me then please do! I don’t want to die so soon. 

~ The Environment.
You humans are not taking care of me, polluting me in worst case possible!

Please see that you try your bit in saving the environment and it’s different components in any way that you feel is better, whether it is saying no to plastics, avoiding excessive water use, stop wasting water, plant more trees-anything!! Your one step can help in saving the environment today and make it better for tomorrow.

~ The ecodoots

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